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Soft boiled wool romper jumpsuit ANU (türkis)

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62/68 (0-6 months), Product No.: 40/67_1 [available: 7]
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Autumn / winter one-piece jumpsuit overall soft boiled wool, jersey-lined hood & zipper with chin protection

Season: Autumn / Winter
Colour: turquoise
Material: Soft boiled wool - 70% wool, 22% polyester, 8% viscose  - very comfortable to wear and tightly knitted, excellent thermic properties and featuring an ultra soft collulose finish

* FIRST CLASS FIT thanks to the comfortable width and the crotch eyelet, making it easy for your baby to move freely
* The DIAGONALLY SHAPED FRONT ZIPPER creates a wide opening and makes it easy to take the jumpsuit on and off  - covering the zipper a CHIN PROTECTION MADE FROM SOFT JERSEY ensures that the zipper is not felt and creates a natural and soft stop when closing
* In order to protect the soft skin of your baby the HOOD AND NECK are lined with a soft cotton jersey
* The ARM AND LEG HEM can be easily turned over, creating gloves and sock liners - a classic feature perfect for the cold months, an ideal one-piece suit for any baby
* Made in Germany - SUSTAINABLY produced in Germany and featuring top quality workmanship, ensuring longer product life

Our soft and warm jumpsuit made from boiled wool features top thermic qualities and a super soft cellulose finish. It will naturally regulate your baby's body temperature and is windproof, breathable, and durable - an easy to care natural product that is comfortable to wear and tightly knitted. It is warm and safe for small ones that like to be on the move, whether in the sling, the pram or on their own two feet. The practical front zipper is not only good looking thanks to the colour contrast but its wide opening also makes it easy to take on and off. In order to protect the soft skin of your baby the hood and nack are lined with a soft cotton jersey. In additiona a zipper protector made from soft striped jersey ensures that the zipper does not come into contact with the skin and creates a natural stop when closing. And when the temperatures drop, the practical hems by the arms and legs can be instantly converted to gloves and sock liners. First class fit is ensured by the generous width and crotch eyelet, making it easy for your baby to be on the move. A perfect and long-lived one-piece for the mid-seasons and winter!

With these care instructions you will enjoy our products for a long time:

* Please turn the overall inside and out and close the zipper
* We recommend hand wash or a wool programme when using a washing machine
* By using a wool wash shampoo you will spare the material while at the same time achieving a satisfactory result
* Due to the natural properties of the material we ask you to refrain from using a dryer
* A soft spin cycle will not cause any damage, but high-speed spin might cause the overall to be pulled out of shape
* Please do not use fabric softener – this is bad for both the wool and for the environment

You will find more information about WOOL in our DESCRIPTION OF MATERIALS.

Made in Germany - nach umweltverträglichen, nachhaltigen und sozialen Standards: Für eine nachhaltige Produktion in Deutschland arbeiten wir mit ausgesuchten Partnerbetrieben zusammen, die die von uns geforderten Standards verlässlich einhalten und eine dauerhaft hohe Qualität sichern. Die verarbeiteten Materialien beziehen wir ausschliesslich in der Europäischen Union - Stoffe und Zutaten tragen das Öko-Tex-Zertifikat.

Über bubble.kid berlin

Individualität - Emotionalität - Nachhaltigkeit - Unsere Philosophie ist simpel: wir entwerfen und produzieren urbane, entspannte und zeitlose Babymode ohne Kompromiss an Komfort und höchste Qualität - vom täglichen Leben mit Kindern inspiriert. In unseren alltagstauglichen, authentischen Modellen begegnen sich Trend und Funktionalität in jeder Saison neu. Durch kreative und humorvolle Kontraste möchten wir den bewusst unifarbenen Looks eine 'augenzwinkernde' Spannung geben.

Size chart (measured in cm, all measurements are approximate)

(0-6 Monate)
(6-12 Monate)
(1-2 Jahre)
Total length 64 71 78
Shoulder-hem 61,5 67 76
Hoodie height 21 23 25
Chest measurement 30 33 36
Sleeve length (shoulder-seam) 23,5 27 30,5
Waist 31 33 36
Inner leg length innen (crotch-hem) 21 23 28
Hem width 12 13 14
Upper body (neck hole-crotch) 38 42 47
  • high-quality YKK zipper (Model Vislon), colour: apple
  • Hoodie and neck lining made from ORGANIC jersey (GOTS certified): 95 % cotton / 5 % elastane
  • Fabric weight: 450 g/m²
  • Easy-care, durable
  • Water and wind resistant
  • warming, breathable und self-cleaning
  • excellent thermic regulation
  • Comfortable to wear
  • ultrasoft cellulose finish
  • Diagonal zipper
  • Zipper protection from jersey: 95 % cotton / 5 % elastane
  • Made in Gemany
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