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Everyday style with attitude
fresh unventional colors - natural authentic charm - fun and practical

bubble.kid berlin is a symbol for individual, authentic and suitable for daily use Mode for children aged 0-4 years. Urban design, innovative colour combinations and affectionate details are combined with a high demand of quality, functionality and correct fit – e.g. trousers growing with the child, jackets with soft zipper protection and overalls with distinctive diagonal zipper as well as  lovely dresses and light tunics.
All styles can be easily combined to various individual outfits - Enjoy our fashion!

Our advice

Slip-in-trouser 08/02 JORIS (dark melange)

Sweatshirt Trouser JORIS (dark melange)

32,95 EUR
Hooded Jacket 22/04 ALLO (gras)

Tec-Boiled Wool Jacket ALLO (gras)

64,95 EUR
Pull-on-trouser 34/26 ORIEL (apfel)

Velour Corduroy Trouser ORIEL (apfel)

34,95 EUR
Winter Romper Suit 40/44 ANU (tinte)

Tec-Doublefleece Romper Suit ANU (tinte)

69,95 EUR
Winter Romper Suit 40/52 ANU (marine)

Tec-Boiled Wool Romper Suit ANU (marine)

69,95 EUR
Ganzjahres Overall 96/12 ADDO (dark melange)  All-season Romper Suit 96/19 ADDO (oliv melange)

Sweatshirt Romper Suit ADDO (oliv...

49,95 EUR